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How I went from being a binge eating, weight obsessed emotional eater for 14 years to someone who is no longer controlled by food

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Hi gorgeous, I’m Rachel Foy, eating psychology mindset mentor, clinical hypnotherapist, author of ‘The Hungry Soul’ and the founder of the Soul Fed Woman.

I empower women like YOU to stop fighting food and quieten their inner gremlin by taking their power back, creating the life they are hungry for, and awakening their soul fed woman.

I know how much food controls your life right now.

Back in 2004, I had reached the peak of my own dysfunctional relationship with food and my body and I remember sat on the floor of my apartment, having inhaled an entire box of chocolate breakfast cereal, crying my eyes out, just wishing it would all stop.

The obsession, the calorie counting, the fear, the panic, the anxiety, the dieting.  All of it. I wanted a way out of this destructive cycle I had been in for around 14 years.

Fast forward some years later and I finally found my food freedom, I stopped binging and calorie counting, my body hatred dissolved and I found peace with who I was, cellulite, stretch marks and wobbly bits included.

Today I no longer obsess or count calories. I can’t remember the last time I binged. I have no idea what I weigh.  I eat cake several times a week, sometimes for breakfast and I never ever feel guilty about anything I choose to eat.

I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my life working with women, helping them understand that their relationship with food and their bodies is far more symbolic and metaphorical than they realise and I’ve trained and studied with some of the leading experts in their fields in order to facilitate the greatest level of transformation possible for everyone I work with

I’m an anti-diet teacher.

And I’m a mum to two small children, one of which is a daughter

I detest diets

I despise the diet industry and the brainwashing it has been spreading for far too long

I believe that diets are the cause of so many of our food struggles and self esteem issues

Diets make us obsess about food

Diets cause cravings

Diets triggers binging and overeating

Restricting our food creates restriction in our lives! It stifles our soul and prevents us from having the freedom we hunger for

So many women want to lose weight as deep down they are coming from a place of low self worth and not feeling good enough. And this is at the core of what I teach women to change.

When you know you are already enough you feed your body differently

When you know you are worthy, you nourish your soul in a way you have never done before

When your body knows that you like her (and possibly love her one day) she will respond to food, eating and exercise in a way which allows you to work together as a team rather than fighting each other which you do at the moment.

When you are comfortable with your emotions and OK with feeling uncomfortable at times, you are able to comfort yourself without needing to turn to food and a bottle of wine. 

When you learn to eat based on what your body is telling you, you learn to trust yourself, your instinct and your intuition.

This is when eating becomes easy

This is when life becomes enjoyable

This is when you find your freedom to be you again

This is what I teach

This is what I want the world to know

This is why I have put together this free workshop which you can watch now where I’ll reveal the 3 secrets on how you too can stop food obsession, binge eating and emotional eating

Hundreds of women have stopped their food obsession and taken their power back.


I believe that when a woman relearns to listen to her inner wisdom and awakens her soul fed woman, she can ditch perfectionism, dissolve fear and reconnect to her intuition + self trust allowing her to live a full up life where food is no longer in control

My 10 years of professional experience is carefully mixed with therapy, psychology and neuroscience with a generous dollop of modern spirituality to allow my clients the greatest level of transformation and freedom for any woman who is ready to embark on her own journey of regaining her power and awakening her own Soul Fed Woman through the platform of Soul Fed Woman